Good energy

First choice: insulate EnEV-compliant

by 50 to 200 Percent. With additional

noise insulation.

Thinking outside the box

Linked competence: updated in all main areas
of technical building equipment. With the new

technical courses. Practical, effective and for free.


Powerful approach

Resting on the ground: thermal
insulation for low floor assemblies.


Under control

No trespassing: R90-fire safety
for mixed installations. Secure
pipe screening made of cast iron
and plastic pipes.

For generations well

Firm cohesion: fibre reinforced

wrapping strips for refitting

pipework insulation.


Seamless and universal

Perfect matching and brand-
independent insulation for
fittings according to the EnEV

Preinsulated pipe

Missel delivery service: within
24 hours. Preinsulated pipes
from the factory directly to the
construction site.

Silent hero

Peacemaker: a continuous
structure of sound prevention
equipment for insulation tubes
and fittings.

Fire and flames

A practical sleeve system: expels

fire and smoke through pipes

through walls and ceilings to the
outsides. Reliable operation of
R30 to R120 and according to the
current demands of the MLAR.

Wow gegen Tau

Echte Perle: Innenliegende Regenwasser-

leitungen einfach und sicher (nach)dämmen:

Mit praktischem Schnellverschluss und

diffusionsdichtem Klebestreifen.



With Recruiting Offensive, a program started in Germany in 2015 that is aimed at acquiring professionals and which places the Missel company in the group of attractive employers.

In an interview, Roland Hinz, authorized representative and the head of financial and HR department at Kolektor Missel Insulations GmbH, discusses new approaches of a long-established German company to applicant search, as well as career advantages of a medium-sized company.

Q: Why does Missel participate in the Recruiting Offensive?

As a housing technology provider, Missel is a highly specialized industry. Unfortunately, it is hard to find qualified staff for product management and sales. Further problems are also demographic change and almost full employment in the Stuttgart region.

Our requirements are well-founded know-how and preferably professional training in gas-fitting and heating engineering or other relevant studies. For sales activities, additional experiences as a sales representative and social competences are also required.

Q: What measures are you taking in for the purposes of applicant search?

For a longer period of time now, job vacancies have been publicly announced on our website as well as on recruitment web portals. Through such channels we employ trainees and commercial staff again and again. Recently, Missel has appointed a recruitment agency for hiring employees in qualified positions.

Q: What do applicants expect from the application procedure?

Initially, they expect an ordinary question-answer interview and an open dialogue. When the procedure is aimed at selecting a person to be employed in technical positions, expert knowledge of a particular applicant is also tested. If there is a mutual employment interest, a further meeting is arranged in order to make agreements concerning contractual framework conditions.

Q: Which are the advantages Missel can offer compared to those provided by big corporations?

Even though Missel is a member of the Kolektor Konzern Corporation, we manage business independently. Our company culture is marked by flat hierarchies and direct decision-making procedures. The employees thus have the chance to directly influence processes and quickly recognize their success.

Q: How do you design training periods and what advanced training opportunities are provided by Missel?

An important part of the training is internal product education. Our technical experts make comprehensive introductions of all our products and help their new colleagues with advice and answers. Sales staff also attends customer seminars and visit trade fairs.
Additional training is available in forms of specialist coaching programs. Individual employees can thus participate in negotiation trainings for situations concerning sales and purchases.

Interview was held by Vanessa Heudorfer (PR, Kolektor Missel Insulations)
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