Under control

No trespassing: R90-fire safety
for mixed installations. Secure
pipe screening made of cast iron
and plastic pipes.

Fire and flames

A practical sleeve system: expels

fire and smoke through pipes

through walls and ceilings to the
outsides. Reliable operation of
R30 to R120 and according to the
current demands of the MLAR.

Wow gegen Tau

Echte Perle: Innenliegende Regenwasser-

leitungen einfach und sicher (nach)dämmen:

Mit praktischem Schnellverschluss und

diffusionsdichtem Klebestreifen.

Seamless and universal

Perfect matching and brand-
independent insulation for
fittings according to the EnEV

Good energy

First choice: insulate EnEV-compliant

by 50 to 200 Percent. With additional

noise insulation.

Silent hero

Peacemaker: a continuous
structure of sound prevention
equipment for insulation tubes
and fittings.

Preinsulated pipe

Missel delivery service: within
24 hours. Preinsulated pipes
from the factory directly to the
construction site.

For generations well

Firm cohesion: fibre reinforced

wrapping strips for refitting

pipework insulation.


Powerful approach

Resting on the ground: thermal
insulation for low floor assemblies.


Thinking outside the box

Linked competence: updated in all main areas
of technical building equipment. With the new

technical courses. Practical, effective and for free.


Under control

No trespassing: R90-fire safety
for mixed installations. Secure
pipe screening made of cast iron
and plastic pipes.

Südsiet Barmbek: At the sunny side of life with the right thermal insulation


Missel insulation systems optimise the new building for generation spanning housing

With the Südsiet Barmbek, a new housing area is emerging in the old-established urban district of Hamburg. Among others also the complex „Holsteinischer Kamp“ with 191 flats, split among ten buildings. To create a comfortable and safe domicile for all age groups – that is the goal of the private real estate company “Holsteinischer Kamp”. The quality of the building’s technical equipment satisfies versatile and high demands: the high-duty insulation system Misselon Robust and the Misselsystem-Sewage (MSS), produced by Missel are jointly responsible for the energy saving and acoustically reliable design.

Constant values due to the quality of the technical equipment

„Whether a young or an elder resident: Peace, security and comfort are housing qualities, created by the Holsteinischer Kamp. For this purpose we consequently focus on extraordinary solid and high quality of the technical equipment”, states Andreas Richter, the project manager with the construction firm Otto Wulff Bauunternehmung GmbH in Hamburg. The investment of the private real estate company “Holsteinischer Kamp“, together with the Garbe Immobilien Projekte GmbH, in the new buildings amounts up to 38 million Euro. The insulation of the domestic service facilities plays an important role in the realisation of the quality concept. Its goal is to protect against the noise transmission by soft resilient materials.

Energy saving insulation with the Missel multi-layered sound insulation
The effective thermal insulation of the pipework systems is an important installatory measure according to the German Energy Saving Regulation (EnEV). According to their position and installation situation, the distribution pipes must be adequately thermally insulated to transport the heat directly to the heating elements and to minimise energy losses. In Barmbek, the insulation of the heating, cold water and drinking water pipes and air ducts is made with the thermal insulation Misselon-Robust. Keeping the pipe and its medium at constant temperature can be achieved particularly reliably with the three-layer multiple composite of closed-cell polyethylene foam, tear-resistant grid-webbing and moisture blocking outer film.

Thermally tested compact-insulation sleeve with integrated sound insulation
Another area of application is pipe insulation in flooring installations. The Missel Compact Insulation Jacket CDH ensures a proper and safe installation. Due to quantity, pressure and frequency, the waste water drainage pipelines are often especially vulnerable to noise problems. Especially in multiparty – residence buildings, the use of bathrooms and toilets is often time-staggered, so a clever noise protection design is essential. An important measure is the consequent decoupling of hoses from the building with the Missel waste water system (MSA).

Waste water noise insulation systems for cast iron and plastic pipes

Where different pipe materials in waste water systems join, they need matching insulations. In the Holsteinischen Kamp two combined waste water insulation systems are used: the Missel waste water system MSA for cast iron pipes and the Missel waste water system MSA 9 for plastic pipes. Missel offers also custom-fit fittings for consistent and continuous noise insulation according to the standards DIN 4109 and VDI 4100. They are industrially prefabricated and are adapted to individual diameters and angles of needed fittings in the Missel factory in Fellbach.


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