Silent hero

Peacemaker: a continuous
structure of sound prevention
equipment for insulation tubes
and fittings.

Fire and flames

A practical sleeve system: expels

fire and smoke through pipes

through walls and ceilings to the
outsides. Reliable operation of
R30 to R120 and according to the
current demands of the MLAR.

Thinking outside the box

Linked competence: updated in all main areas
of technical building equipment. With the new

technical courses. Practical, effective and for free.


Under control

No trespassing: R90-fire safety
for mixed installations. Secure
pipe screening made of cast iron
and plastic pipes.

Preinsulated pipe

Missel delivery service: within
24 hours. Preinsulated pipes
from the factory directly to the
construction site.

Powerful approach

Resting on the ground: thermal
insulation for low floor assemblies.


Seamless and universal

Perfect matching and brand-
independent insulation for
fittings according to the EnEV

Good energy

First choice: insulate EnEV-compliant

by 50 to 200 Percent. With additional

noise insulation.

Wow gegen Tau

Echte Perle: Innenliegende Regenwasser-

leitungen einfach und sicher (nach)dämmen:

Mit praktischem Schnellverschluss und

diffusionsdichtem Klebestreifen.

For generations well

Firm cohesion: fibre reinforced

wrapping strips for refitting

pipework insulation.


Missel Compact Insulation Jacket


Missel Compact Insulation Jacket CDH®  035 for heat insulation in flooring according to the energy saving regulation EnEV 2014 with integrated sound insulation.


The Missel compact insulation jacket is equipped with a mesh foil and a fibre padded layer, through which structure-borne sound contacts from e.g. the extrusion of uneven building parts or stones are reliably avoided. The tear resistance and tear growth resistance compared to pure foam material is increased by up to ten times.

The CDH is low, square and narrow. The height of the flooring panel is reduced by this form. The complete inner and outer wall system can be shorter, whereas the headroom remains unchanged. This reduces construction costs! The shape of the Missel compact insulation jacket also makes it possible to make the gap between the load-bearing equalization and/or impact sound insulation layer as small as possible.


Special advantages:
Small panel thickness of the insulation sleeve – resulting in lower flooring    
Thermal conductivity λ 40°C = 0.035W/(m•K)
Tested impact sound improvement (no additional impact sound equalization  
     through CDH required)
The rectangular shape of the sleeve supports the movability of the flooring

     in the area of insulation.
Water tight/stable through closed-cell physical cross-linked polythene     

Simple processing through a sliding film inside
Structure-borne sound isolation system attachment (CDH-FX)
Tear-resistant surface through a mesh and fibre padded layer
Very good energy balance in production
Condensation diffusion resistance µ > 5,200 (mineral wool < 1,000)

CE label according to EN 14313 for the whole European market



Fixtures Missel compact insulation jacket

Missel sound isolation system attachment made from stainless steel with a fibre padded layer and tear-resistant mesh foil


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